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HYDRA has Reina, the hard drive with all of the team’s research and some samples of the GH drugs. Now Ward and Garrett are raiding the Fridge. The team better find Fury before Ward and Garrett get anything too devastating.

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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Spoiler Description: The Cellist's Name Revealed In "The Only Light In The Darkness" | SHIELDsite.net




"his one true love"


  • Raina:She did love you, Agent Coulson.
  • Coulson:How could you know that?
  • Raina:Do you miss her? Dinners at the Richmond? Do you miss hearing her play? You didn’t even have the chance to say goodbye.
  • Coulson:I couldn’t. I c-I can’t.
  • Raina:She cried for days after SHIELD told her you died. Shattered her heart with a lie.

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and the rest of the season is just the rest of them team coming up with increasingly farfetched reasons and explanations for how ward could still be a good guy but ward’s not buying it

"you got replaced by an alien"

"im hydra"

"it’s a sideeffect of kissing someone who has been treated with the GH-325 drug"

"what the frick guys no im just evil"

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Ya’ll! I just realized something. So Chloe Bennet tweeted someone earlier about “a lot of great skyeward stuff” in next week’s episode. NEXT WEEKS EPISODE IS TITLED “THE ONLY LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS”. I know Coulson’s love is introduced in this episode, but IT COULD RELATE TO WARD AND SKYE TOO!!!!!

Donee finally get to see the legendary Cellist?

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